NoWiki (Class)

In: app/models/chunks/nowiki.rb
Parent: Chunk::Abstract

This chunks allows certain parts of a wiki page to be hidden from the rest of the rendering pipeline. It should be run at the beginning of the pipeline in `wiki_content.rb`.

An example use of this chunk is to markup double brackets or auto URI links:

 <nowiki>Here are [[double brackets]] and a URI:</nowiki>

The contents of the chunks will not be processed by any other chunk so the `` and the double brackets will appear verbatim.

Author: Mark Reid <mark at threewordslong dot com> Created: 8th June 2004


new   pattern   revert   unmask  


plain_text  [R] 

Public Class methods


    # File app/models/chunks/nowiki.rb, line 22
22:   def initialize(match_data)
23:         super(match_data)
24:         @plain_text = match_data[1]
25:   end


    # File app/models/chunks/nowiki.rb, line 18
18:   def self.pattern()'<nowiki>(.*?)</nowiki>') end

Public Instance methods


    # File app/models/chunks/nowiki.rb, line 30
30:   def revert(content) content.sub!(, plain_text ) end

The nowiki content is not unmasked. This means the chunk will be reverted using the plain text.


    # File app/models/chunks/nowiki.rb, line 29
29:   def unmask(content) nil end